About our programmes

If you think you know someone who has been bereaved by murder or manslaughter and might benefit from the Escaping Victimhood programme, you might want to consider the following information:

Has any court process completed?
EV believes that people benefit from the programme when they are no longer involved in any court process, this does not include appeals or parole hearings etc.

Do Participants feel ‘stuck’ in their situation and feel unable to function as they wish?
This is a common feeling for people suffering from trauma and the programme is designed to help in this situation.

Do they want to bring a family member with them on the programme?
EV says that the programme is designed to benefit and give time to an individual away from their other family responsibilities. In some relationships, one person often takes on a more caring role than the other and if this happens on the programme, they might not both gain as much as they could have alone. However, if participants feel unable to attend on their own and it is felt both would benefit from attending at the same time we do not refuse this.

What does the programme consist of?
Sessions on trauma education and tools for change complimented by art, photography, massage and other therapies as well as one to one sessions. This is a residential programme in a comfortable and safe venue with others in a similar situation, led by experienced, skilled facilitators.

Do they have to do everything on the programme?
No, it’s not compulsory but we want people to benefit from their attendance, which they won’t do if they don’t attend the main sessions, which they will be supported to do.

The next programme is in London (for example), but they live in Manchester, can they still attend?
EV tries to put on programmes in different areas of the country, anyone can attend any programme wherever it is, but it’s worth discussing this with the Director to see if a programme is planned in your area.

How much do they have to pay?
The programmes are free for victims of crime.

What should they do if they think they might want to hear more about attending?

They can look at the website, www.escapingvictimhood.com for further information and the application form is on there. If they would like to speak to a previous participant about what it’s like, we can put them in touch with someone. If they are being helped currently by the Homicide Service, ask their case worker if they can be referred.