It went way beyond my expectations

Escaping Victimhood was the strangest and most humbling experience. It went way beyond my expectations and to be at the receiving end of such kindness restored all faith in mankind.

It is just something I am not used to………………… To be cocooned in a such safe place when the whole world seems so frightening, ……………….and then at the EV workshop is beyond words.

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The programme allowed me time and freedom

I had been attending some meetings of another organisation, but was left feeling stuck with sadness, but one of their members gave me EV’s details.

After my son’s death, my husband had a heart attack and needed surgery; I felt a huge burden and pressure to be positive and to take care of my other children and husband. My mother was grief stricken, stopped eating, lost the use of her legs and died the day after the murderer was found guilty at trial.

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Your workshop talked about moving forward…

I lost my 24 year old son in 2009 very suddenly and life changed forever. › Read more

EV has aided me in this trauma…

If only Victims of crime had many more opportunities to have access to more workshops such as Escaping Victimhood, we wouldn’t have to prolong the suffering we have endured. We carry a life term of pain resulting in a downhill struggle of coping to live day by day from the impact of the stolen/robbed loved one, torn and severed from the roots of the hub of life that it once had, that we can no longer share and grow along with. EV has aided me in this trauma by helping us to understand what we feel and thereon providing a positive structure, aiding the acceptance of the situation we are in and not fighting against it. Enabling us to work through our tragedy, learning to do the best and only way we can to move forward.

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I was able to understand and relate to how I was feeling…

My mother was killed 20 years ago by my father,  I was 7 years old at the time. I experienced the signs of bereavement years later whilst in my teens. Escaping Victimhood was referred to me by a friend who had experienced something similar.

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It gave me a sense of belief in my coping techniques…

I was referred to the programme by another mother and it was the best thing I ever did in helping me to understand my emotions.

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What brought me to the EV Programme…

In November 2010 I was bereaved through homicide, by the loss of my younger brother. My introduction to EV came from a referral from SAMM to EV. I spoke at length with an EV facilitator about the workshop, and decided it was for me. › Read more

It worked and the effect has stayed with me…

My youngest brother was my sole ally in the family – had he not been born I would have left home for good aged nineteen. So it was a devastating blow when he was killed by his wife, ‘manslaughter, diminished responsibility’. Killed rather by the failures of the local Mental Health Trust, particularly a rogue consultant. › Read more

The pain never seemed to go away…

Just wanted to let you know how much the recent course helped me with to live with the loss my son, who as you know died in a road traffic crash abroad. The driver who caused the accident was never found and we had no help from the Foreign Office, and it took 2yrs to come to the Coroners Court. › Read more