About the charity


Escaping Victimhood is a charitable company that was founded by criminal justice professionals concerned that there was little robust support available to victims of crime after the court processes have been completed.

Professionals working in the field of criminal justice or working to support victims of crime know that, for many people, a traumatic event such as the murder of a close relative or a personal attack, can have repercussions far beyond the immediate impact.  Such an event can often become a defining moment in a victim’s life, with consequences impacting on every aspect of day to day living, such as the ability to work, physical and mental health, relationships with family members and so on.  The on-going consequences of victimhood can create a ripple effect, with one crime affecting many people.

Escaping Victimhood has been set up to help people whose lives have been fragmented by the trauma of serious crime to move from being a victim to a more positive future. We are keen to work in partnership with other organisations.

The Board
Our Team

If you would like a copy of our latest annual accounts please email us.

If you are interested in joining the team and consider yourself to be either an expert Trauma Specialist, or an expert in Change Management with experience of working with victims of serious crime, please contact us for further information.


Escaping Victimhood constantly has to fundraise to provide their much needed programmes, there is little funding available to support victims of serious crime.

We are grateful for any contributions we receive, you can make a donation by clicking on the ‘donate now’ link above or send a cheque to the office address. If you wish to sponsor a place or you wish to discuss our current funding priorities, please contact us.


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