Useful links and resources

EV are keen to work in partnership with other organisations to provide the best quality intervention for those they seek to help. We want to ensure that victims of serious crime and those that work with them have access to up to date information.

National Homicide Service

Escaping Victimhood works closely with our partner Victim Support to help those bereaved by homicide.

Posters and leaflets

We are providing a list of publications, which may be helpful. It also includes EV publications and information.

The University of Bath carried out a 3 year longitudinal piece of research in partnership with EV into the residential workshop programmes. This research reported in 2018, see the report.

We believe that we are the only service for victims of crime, in the UK, to carry out this type of research on the service they deliver. We believe that research is important to ensure effective work is carried out.

Here is a list of some research which may be of interest. It also includes any research carried out on the work of EV.

We are also providing a list of other organisations that you may also be interested in (EV takes no responsibility for any other organisation). If you have information which you think should be on this page, please email us at