EV has aided me in this trauma…

If only Victims of crime had many more opportunities to have access to more workshops such as Escaping Victimhood, we wouldn’t have to prolong the suffering we have endured. We carry a life term of pain resulting in a downhill struggle of coping to live day by day from the impact of the stolen/robbed loved one, torn and severed from the roots of the hub of life that it once had, that we can no longer share and grow along with. EV has aided me in this trauma by helping us to understand what we feel and thereon providing a positive structure, aiding the acceptance of the situation we are in and not fighting against it. Enabling us to work through our tragedy, learning to do the best and only way we can to move forward.

Escaping Victimhood has taught and helped me to have the knowledge and priceless wisdom that I contain to this day.

There isn’t enough words in my heart to say how very grateful and honoured I am to them all.