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Escaping Victimhood is a charity that provides unique, supportive residential workshops for people whose lives have been disrupted by the trauma of serious crime. We currently specialise in those bereaved by murder and manslaughter.

This type of bereavement differs from other bereavements because of the unexpected violence associated with the death, and the involvement of the criminal justice system, and sometimes the media, which often adds additional trauma.

Because of this difference and the isolation this causes for people, it is important that any intervention is designed specifically for this group, in addition to, or instead of other treatments or interventions.

We are an approved provider for the National Homicide Service and our facilitators are all professional experts in their field.

People who have attended a workshop have consistently said that it has helped them to begin to feel positive about the future.

To be the primary or secondary victim of a serious crime is terrible in itself.  But for many people the awful event is just the start of the difficulties, with a series of distressing processes making it very hard to continue with normal life.  The knock-on effects of the experience, often compounded by traumatic shock, commonly include:-

  • debilitating physical and mental health problems and pain,
  • an inability to enjoy anything, sleeplessness and nightmares,
  • an inability to work, which can lead to poverty and sometimes homelessness,
  • an overwhelming fear and a sense of isolation and stigmatisation within their communities and,

A loss of contact with family and friends and difficulties with parenting, leading to further problems. The needs can be very diverse, and are often extremely serious.

Prior to attending a programme, participants often describe themselves as being ‘stuck’ or feeling like they have ‘gone mad’.

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