The pain never seemed to go away…

Just wanted to let you know how much the recent course helped me with to live with the loss my son, who as you know died in a road traffic crash abroad. The driver who caused the accident was never found and we had no help from the Foreign Office, and it took 2yrs to come to the Coroners Court.

Although my beloved son died 15yrs ago I have at times felt so de-motivated and at a loss as to what to do, the pain never seemed to go away, and couldn’t understand why I was still grieving.

Attending the residential course, and follow up day, helped me no end to understand my grief and what it does to you and how it impacts on the rest of the family & friends.

These courses should be an automatically offered to all victims of serious crime & bereaved parents. Funding is an issue not only for the Charity , it is difficult for families as they sometimes suffer acute monetary problems , as they are often not able to work, therefore not able to contribute towards the cost of the course. I will do my best to make it known that these courses are available and make sure our local MP looks at ways to fund them.

So thanks once again for allowing me to attend and all the help you gave me and the wonderful work you do to help people get their lives back together , to see a positive light at the end of the tunnel, and laugh without feeling guilty.

I do hope this letter finds you all well , keep up the good work