Barbara Tudor – Facilitator

Barbara Tudor is a highly experienced facilitator who was a founder member of Escaping Victimhood. Barbara worked as a social worker and as a deaf sign interpreter before being appointed as a mediator with West Midlands Probation Service (Coventry).

Barbara became manager of the Coventry Reparation Unit in 1987 and manager of the Coventry Unit for Community Safety (incorporating mediation/reparation services) in 1993. She is now the Victim/Offender Development Manager with a remit to assist the development of the whole of the work undertaken with victims within the West Midland Probation Service and further afield.  Still a practitioner/manager she has a personal experience of over 5,000 mediation (victim/offender) cases.

Since 1997 Barbara has been delivering training in restorative practices and techniques for multi-agency and single agency participants from all parts of the Criminal Justice System, social services and health, both in this country and in Europe.   In recent years she has been heavily involved in national work regarding the development of Good Practice Guidance and preparations for accreditation in the restorative field and is Chair of the Association of Restorative Practitioners. She is the longest serving member of the NPD Victims Network.

Barbara is a lead facilitator on EV Workshops.