Clifford A Grimason – Facilitator

Clifford is an experienced facilitator. Before working full-time in the criminal justice system, Clifford led a portfolio lifestyle combining activities which together have been described as social entrepreneurship.  From working with a large city-centre church helping marginalised people, serving as Chaplain to the Boys’ Brigade in Birmingham and having co-founded a successful e-business, he is now focused on innovating restorative approaches which help repair the damage caused by crime.

Clifford’s interest in relational and restorative justice began while working with marginalised and dis-advantaged families in Birmingham. Twenty years ago Clifford met a New Zealand probation officer on a bus from Los Angeles to San Francisco and learned about the reshaping of the New Zealand justice system to embed restorative approaches.

From then Clifford has relentlessly sought a similar transformation in the UK. Since 2007 he has been formally involved in developing restorative approaches in HM Prison Service. Born in Northern Ireland, Clifford believes passionately in reconciliation and is concerned to help victims of crime recover, empower motivated offenders to successfully atone, reducing risk and making our communities safer and more cohesive.

Clifford is a lead facilitator on EV Workshops.